Compendium Workflows

Choreography for your microservices.

Detail information about Compendium Workflows

Compendium Workflow Engine (CWE) is more than just a workflow runner. CWE has built in service discovery, service registration, logging, monitoring, and more. Move your envionment beyond complex service orchestration and move to application choreography!

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About Compendium Workflows

Source Control Agnostic

Git rid of Jenkins, Gitlab Runners, Github Actions, Bamboo and others. If you have more than one source control management system you can unifi your SDLC pipelines with CWE.

Complete Choreography

Built in service discovery and application flow control gives you a simple language agnostic framework to rapidly develop features and entire applications. Stop thinking about complex deployments, authentication, authorization, service discovery. Just use CWE as your application framework. Write your tasks in Golang, Python, Ruby, Java, Node, Powershell or nearly anything. Then declare your workflows as simple yaml or JSON.